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There has been a little bit of confusion about things like submitting a character or fan art, so I thought I'd right up a page about it. Hopefully, it'll help with this a little. We'll see, I suppose. Please read this before submitting anything. Frequent "rule breakers" will be ignored and/or mocked. Here goes.

Fan Art Submissions: If you'd like to draw up a fan art, then great! I'd love it! I just ask that you keep it clean. No swearing or such. (This hasn't been a problem, so I'd like to keep it that way.) If you can, upload it onto ImageShack or PhotoBucket and then send me a PM through Smack Jeeves, the Just Gotta Forum, or the forums. If you are not a member of any of these websites, then send it to Just be aware that I don't check my e-mail as often so it may not be seen right away.

Submitting a Character: Currently closed. Do not submit any characters for the comic right now. I won't accept them. I apologize for this. Be patient and submissions will open again later.

Gag Strip Submissions: Until further notice, Gag Strip Submissions are open. You can submit a gag strip whenever you'd like. They will be placed with the rest of the gags at the end of whatever chapter we're in when you send it. Just keep it clean. PG, if you can. I'll accept PG-13 if it's funny enough to excuse. Once again, no swearing. The art doesn't have to be great. (Just look at my art, ha ha!) It can even be sprited if you really want. The only other requirement is that it be funny. They're gags after all!

After you draw it or whatever, just follow the fan art submissions and send it in PM or e-mail. The main difference between Fan Art and Gag Strips is that the Gag Strips will be in the archives and in the comic itself so it can be rated and commented on. And whatnot.

Affiliate Submissions: When affiliated, I will link to your comic and you will link to mine. If you have a comic you would like to have affiliated with Just Gotta, feel free to PM/e-mail me with the same methods and address as listed above. Send me the link to your comic and I'll check it out. Just keep these things in mind when you make yor request:

1. I only affiliate Pokémon comics. It just makes more sense that way.
2. I won't affiliate a comic with less than 20 pages. I need to get a feel for the story.
3. That said, I won't affiliate your comic with mine if I don't like your comic. Don't feel bad if I don't care for your comic much. It's just if I don't like it, I won't want to be connected to it. Different people like different things, so even if I don't like it, it doesn't mean there isn't an audience for your work.
4. Not only do I have to like it, but I also have to feel like it's something I want my readers to read. I do have younger readers, and I take them into consideration with affiliating. If I don't think your comic is appropriate for them, I probably won't affiliate.
5. When making your request, have a button/banner ready for me in case I accept it. The button should be 88x31 pixels. I won't take anything larger.

Don't worry, I'm not as intimidating as I can sound. If your request is accepted, you can expect that I will show thanks for affiliating with things like gift art, audio commentaries, and plugs. I try to spoil my affiliates if I can!

Okay, I think that's it! Thank you for reading! Have fun submitting!