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July 6th, 2007, 7:13 pm

Just Gotta Read 'em

There are other great hand drawn Pokémon comics out there. I found two great ones yesterday! I decided that I should share them with you guys. If you haven't seen them before, I suggest checking them out! And if you have seen them well then . . . I bet you know what I'm talking about!

Here goes:

Pokémon: A Silver Lining
Written and drawn by our very own EmberGryphon! It's a comic about a girl named Ember just starting out on a Pokémon journey. She's given a Pokémon with unusual powers for its type. (Anyone hear of a psychic Charmander? Kinda like that.) I've noticed a lot of your names on the fan list, but if you haven't seen it, check it out. It has color even!

Pokémon Twilight
Another Pokémon comic written and drawn by a fan of Just Gotta. This one is done by Ling and is adorable! It's the story of Rose and Gina who just met and are now going on a Pokémon journey. But not without the help of a pro named Kaia! The adventure begins!

A Thousand Times Over
Yet another comic where the author/artist is on the Just Gotta fan list. (I think it's cool how we can all be fans of each other and stuff.) This one is done by klinkhauer. We're not far into the story just yet, but I can tell it's gonna be cool! We have Katie, Gra-chan (I think that's the name anyway,) and Bunneh who are pulled into a Pokémon game. (Ring any bells? Thought so.) It'll be great to watch the story progress!

Pokémon Bonbon League
I just found this comic yesterday and fell head over heels in love. Again, not very far into the story yet, but it's gonna be cool! It's the story of Raene, (pronounced Rain,) who is going to Pr. Bonsai to get his first Pokémon. Unlike Just Gotta, this comic yields original Pokémon species. Tokichi is adorable! Read it if you haven't yet!

Pokémon Jump Start
The other comic I just found. I think it just started and yet has like nine pages up. (You think updating Just Gotta daily was impressive?) It's the story of Amber who is about to go on a journey. (Another one not very far into the story but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.) The art is very good and the pages are done very well. Take a look for yourself!

Ace of Abra
Getting away from Smack Jeeves for a bit, I found this comic thanks to EmberGryphon when she did a news post about hand drawn comics. It's a little more mature, but is quite funny. (But maybe for the older crowd.) It's the story of Ace and his Abra. Ace is an apprentice at the Saffron City Gym. His Abra is rebellious and well . . . a pervert. Just can't get around that fact. Again, maybe a little mature for some of the readers of Just Gotta, but enjoyable for others.

Stuff of Legend
Found this one again thanks to EmberGryphon. This is a comic about Matt who bumps into Sandy, a Pokémon League Champ. It's another very well done comic with great art and color and stuff. The author visited the Just Gotta thread on the forums and there I learned that she has a link to my comic on her site. How cool is that?! . . . Well, I thought it was cool. Another one I suggest you check out.

And . . . I think that's it. If I forgot one, I'll put it up. Just look at all these great comics that are better than mine!

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